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Solving the Labour Market Scarcity Problems
Find out how businesses that harness the power of direct sourcing gain the ability to develop an agile workforce.
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In response to the unprecedented competition for top talent, as many as 71% of leaders plan to shift more roles to the contingent or contract workforce to get work done. 

Find out how businesses that harness the power of direct sourcing have the ability to develop an agile workforce — which can be the key differentiator needed to advance and grow in a marketplace that rewards dynamic, talent-led responses to new business challenges:
What is driving Labour Market Scarcity
It is no secret that the Covid pandemic has not been ideal for the labour market. 

In 2020, around 255 million full-time jobs were lost worldwide, four times greater than the great recession. 

As the world returns to some kind of normal, what is driving the current is labour market scarcity is it a hold over from covid, lack of skilled workforce or something else?
What is Direct Sourcing and how can it help with talent scarcity
Direct sourcing provides a streamlined solution to connect with global talent that is suited to the needs of the organisation and the role. 

Direct sourcing presents a cost- and time-efficient method for discovering, engaging and retaining quality contractor talent.

Learn more about Direct Sourcing and how it can help your business on this webinar. 
How to implement a direct sourcing solution
Are you looking to implement a direct sourcing solution but don't know where to start?

Our expert panel will guide you through the best practices for implementing a successful and sustainable direct sourcing solution, so make sure you don't miss it!

Your AWESOME Hosts

Connor Heaney
I lead our business across EMEA, and am honoured to be part of the CXC Global Leadership team, working alongside our CEO and Board to execute our vision in shaping the future of work. 

Through providing a unique set of solutions for our customers’ challenges, I am thrilled to solve problems and play a part in daily success stories.

We are passionate about what we do and how we can work with you to prepare your organisation to adapt in today’s increasingly regulated non employee environment. 

We enable individuals and organisations to optimise the many opportunities of contracting by advising you on best practices so you can achieve more doing what you love.
Matthew Rodger
Chief Growth & Commercial Officer | AMS
Matthew, AMS's Chief Growth & Commercial Officer and member of the board, has worked in a leadership capacity within the organisation since April 2001 holding a number of different roles ranging from COO APAC to Managing Director Contingent Workforce Solutions.

Today he is accountable for our growth strategy & commercialisation of AMS's products and solutions. In addition, he is accountable for all corporate M&A activity and our technology product division.

Matthew is a passionate, enthusiastic and creative solution provider, he has worked in the staffing and outsourcing sector for 30 years and was recognised by APSCO for Outstanding Contribution in 2012 championing the APSCode for the RPO and MSP industries.

 In 2020, Matthew was named on both the SIA Staffing 100 Europe list and the HRO Today HR Superstars list.
Saleem Khaja
COO & Co-founder  
Technology evangelist with experience in developing and operationalizing innovative products and services in direct sourcing, talent acquisition, talent relationship management, conversational bots, and on-demand staffing.

Expertise in:
− Product strategy and Product management
− Corporate strategy and Business development
− Financial modeling and Business plans
− Operations planning and management
− Technology evaluation and procurement
− Program management

Proven track record of building trust, influencing, aligning, and motivating cross-functional teams to accomplish overall business objectives.
Steve Carter
The Ability People
Working directly with key stakeholders on Disability Inclusion including Culture & Process Change programmes, leadership education and facilitating D&I strategy. 

Lead recruitment organisations to success by having strategic alignment and execution within their sector specialisation including process & service innovation. 

Optimise performance through the identification, development and empowerment of talented individuals and implement strategies to create efficiency, generate 'bottom line' results , brand position, high performance recruitment teams and shareholder value.

Specialties: Innovation & Transformation within the Staffing Industry, Development of Infrastructure , Supply to RPO/MSP sector, Contracting/Temporary and Permanent Recruitment , Outsourcing , Strategy, Business Turnaround, Build & Exit plans, Leadership 'Inspiration' , Management Consultancy

Recruitment across Asia Pacific , UK & Europe and Ireland
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